shoulder trainer

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Size: S - for women

✔️ Expansion of the joint gap in the acromion

✔️ Improvement in impingement syndrome

✔️ Improvement in shoulder pain at night (shoulder night pain)

✔️ Improvement of the calcified shoulder (tendinitis calcarea)

✔️ Get better Shoulder bursitis (bursitis)

✔️ Get better Biceps tendinitis or irritation

✔️ There is a chance shoulder surgery can be avoided

✔️ Rehabilitation and mobilization after shoulder surgery

✔️ Improvement of neck and throat complaints

✔️ Improvement in dislocations in the rear joint area

✔️ Frozen shoulder improvement

✔️ Improvement in posture-related back problems

✔️ Posture improvement by straightening the thoracic spine.

✔️ Can also be used for ruptures or partial ruptures of the supraspinatus tendon

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