GOSWO and healthy golf
The origin story
After 20 years as a freelance consultant in the field of process optimization/product development, I came to golf. The slow learning progress as a late golfer was frustrating and unsatisfying.
Unwanted trajectories, badly hit balls, no consistent hits, too little length.
As a freelancer, I didn't have the time to take tons of coaching lessons. So I looked for ways to improve the game of golf at home and without a golf coach.
The initial spark for the development of the first own product was a player with knee problems:

GOSWO - Golf Swing Optimizer - The reference corridor for your golf swing
The player's knee problems resulted from a baseball swing with a borderline inward knee on the upswing. Due to the given swing corridor, a baseball swing was no longer possible and the knee problems disappeared. As an accompanying effect, the ball flight became straighter and further. GOSWO is used by beginners through to single handicappers.
Tour players also use GOSWO for setup/takeaway to “calibrate” their swing level. Less spread = fewer bunker shots = fewer penalties = better score.
Now followed training devices for more length and more consistent hits:
ROTATIX - More movement/rotation and better coordination
As in all sports, the correct stretching before the sport serves to prevent injuries, but also to increase performance. ROTATIX is the ideal training device for golfers to improve stretching in exactly the same body positions in the golf swing. In addition, the use of the hips can be trained in a unique way.
By adhering to our training instructions, the golf swing becomes holistically "healthier". We would like to prevent or eliminate an inward knee during the upswing and the gradual consequences at the beginning of the ROTATIX training.
HMC FLEX STICKS - Less head movement = more consistent hits
The biggest score killer is head movement during the golf swing. Up/down or up/down movement will result in inconsistent hits and poor score. Much worse is the risk of injury from hitting the ground too hard.
This training is essential and every player has to do it himself. No golf trainer can help here. The results are awesome.
GOSWO - Healthy golf with strong partners
We support children as well as late learners to play healthy golf right from the start. Through our efforts, we have gained strong partners who support us with advice and action. Together we organize training courses / workshops / information events on the subject: Golf injuries - origin; Treatment; Prevention through the use of sensible training aids