senior golf

Keeping fit as a golfer as you age

It's called senior golf. You can play golf into old age

The best time for golf really begins when the age for competitive sport is over. You also have more time when you are retired. Seniors are fit much longer today than they used to be and statistically live longer. Time for senior golf.

So it is not surprising that the number of senior golfers aged 65 and over on the golf courses is constantly increasing. Anyone who regularly plays golf as a senior golfer does a lot of exercise in the fresh air. He walks many miles across the golf course and follows a reasonable fitness routine. Golf strengthens the muscles and promotes coordination and mobility. The cardiovascular system is also trained. To complete an 18-hole round on the golf course, the advanced golfer needs about three and a half to four hours. A golf beginner needs up to five hours on the golf course. Senior golf is often quicker and the round of golf takes less than 4 hours.

Brain activity in senior golf

The brain also benefits from golf. Golf isn't as easy as it looks. Every ball lies differently and there are different conditions before every shot. Adjusting to any situation requires a lot of brain activity. Perception, learning, remembering and thinking are promoted. In addition, playing golf is a good concentration exercise for senior golfers. Counting your own shots and the shots of fellow players strains the gray cells.

Less length in senior golf can be compensated with GOSWO training.

Of course, the rotational speed of the swing decreases with age. On the golf course, senior golfers very often make up for this with smarter playing strategy. Many a young golfer can learn a lot here.

So that the “old hands” can enjoy this sport for as long as possible, they should ensure they have strong muscles and clean technique. All too often one observes faulty turns with the wrong sequence of movements. This inevitably leads to health problems.

Many health problems arise from swings on the wrong swing path. Anyone who swings back like a baseball bat creates an unhealthy body rotation. Knee problems often arise in the follow-through. Training with GOSWO gives the golfer the correct swing path. So player is forced to swing at the correct level.A golf training with our golf training device GOSWO prevents injuries and helps to straighter and longer balls. Especially in senior golf, GOSWO is a very important help. Age-related limitations in rotation can be compensated for by an optimized swing.

What is recommended for every senior golfer to protect the strained musculoskeletal system from injuries: train regularly and build up a golf-specific level of fitness. Don't just play one round a day. Swing and flexibility training at the correct level, coupled with some golfer strength training, will produce brilliant results.

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