The best golf shoes in the world


the booth
Perfect golf shoes sit perfectly on the foot and ensure a firm and comfortable footing when teeing off. They have a sole with conical spike nubs, which ensure maximum grip even on uneven terrain, on slopes or in rough. (The conical shape of the spike nubs ensures that less grass can accumulate in the sole.) The special flexibility and shape of the nubs ensure that the player's front foot can twist up to the end position during the follow-through. This prevents overloading of knees and ankles. Perfect golf shoes also ensure maximum slip resistance on wet tiles - after the round.

flexibility in movement
The best golf shoes in the world have a comfortable fit, which guarantees optimal wearing comfort even after several kilometers - without restricting the foot in its natural movement. It ensures stable lateral support, which is also guaranteed after countless golf shots and the associated foot rotations.

The material
The perfect golf shoes are made from a super light, breathable material that wicks sweat away and keeps moisture out. A high-tech cushioning midsole ensures an even load between the forefoot and rearfoot. The perfect golf shoe has a Climatocork® footbed. Maximum flexibility, resilience and insulation paired with the unique ability to absorb moisture ensure an absolutely perfect feel-good climate in the shoe.

I've tried a lot of golf shoes and found the perfect shoe.

They are - the best golf shoes in the world - VitalloFlex Pro Hybrid from the shoe manufacturer Hackner

Only the perfect balance of the body enables better golfing. The VitalloFlex Pro Hybrid is the consistent implementation of all the needs that foot and body place on a shoe when playing golf. The well-balanced design of the VitalloFlex Pro Hybrid enables optimal stability when addressing the ball. The special construction of the CNC-milled midsole means that the body's center of gravity rests in the center, while the spike-nub rubber sole ensures optimum grip: the best prerequisites for a precise golf shot.

An excellent shaft is not only important for golf clubs. The same applies to the design of the upper and lining parts of a golf shoe. With the VitalloFlex Pro Hybrid, special attention was paid to large shaft parts for a maximum of seams for an optimal fit. The entire upper is made of quick-drying, super-light and breathable high-tech materials. This, in combination with a specially developed Climatokork© footbed technology, enables a unique wearing experience, fatigue-free walking and thus more performance for the game of golf.


Many years of experience in golf shoe production have shown that the best golf shoe is an individually adapted - fitted - golf shoe. Just like a fitted set of racquets, it has a performance-enhancing effect on the player. The shoe improves endurance, consistency and precision. That's why the VitalloFlex Pro Hybrid can be individually adapted to the player on request. Using a Vacuform technology developed by shoe manufacturer Hackner, the Climatocork footbed is molded directly onto the foot and thus adjusted even more precisely. A small surcharge that is worth it.

To test the best shoe in the world under the most extreme conditions, I took part in the toughest golf tournament in Germany. The Hundred Hole Cup - HuLoPo on June 23, 2020. Here is a small compilation:

The continuous nubbed sole also allows driving with the shoes. So I don't need to change my shoes. A point that annoyed me before.

But probably the most important insight I gained in my life came the day after the Hundred Hole Cup. I put on my "street shoes" and after the first few meters I thought I had swapped my shoes with another player. My gait felt "restricted" and unstable.

The best golf shoe in the world fits perfectly because it has been adjusted and fitted perfectly. This is not possible with golf shoes "off the shelf".

Anyone who has worn fitted shoes once in their life will never want to wear other shoes again.

And so I now wear the VitalloFlex Pro Hybrid in the color combination: gray carbon - light blue Pepita also in everyday life.

You will hardly find me on the street without my VitalloFlex shoes.

There are things where frugality pays off and there are things where it is better not to skimp. A good pair of shoes belongs to the second category. Shoes carry the entire body weight and are therefore the most important item of clothing. But it is precisely the shoes that are often given very little importance and the design is often more important than the functionality or the fit.

Some golfers spend over €4,000 on an electric trolley that can't do any more than a €1000 electric trolley.

Good, handmade shoes from the shoe manufacturer Hackner are not pure luxury, but healthier, more stylish and even cheaper in the long run.

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You will also hear from your golf physio how important the right shoes are. Here is our partner: