Season opening at the Golf Style Outlet in Höhenöd
Saturday – 04/01/2023
We present all of our training equipment and give tips for correct training. Of course you can buy our training equipment at special prices directly at the stand. Feel free to stop by. The visit is worthwhile.

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One of the best platforms for information about golf can be found at Among other things, products are also tested and presented there. In the current print edition you will find a test by ROTATIX. Here the link:

Info event: Golf fitness training with professional training aids.

Golf is a wonderful sport and is fun when you can get the ball off the tee and into the hole in as few strokes as possible. However, golf is no fun if you play your balls in a zigzag course over the fairways and the balls end up in the rough, in the bunker, in the water or out of bounds. Balls that are hit too thin are just as little fun as hitting the ground too hard, which is often painful.

The secret for successful and healthy golf: creating the right physical conditions - fitness for golfers! No golf trainer can help you with this. With professional training aids, every golfer achieves better results in record time - without hitting a single ball! How it works? - Allow yourself to be surprised. Participation in the event is free.

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Golf fitness workshop with ROTATIX and HMC-FLEX-STICKS

Most golfers' misses come from "moving," the shifting of the head during the golf swing. A lack of hip involvement and mobility are the causes of lack of length in golf shots, but also the cause of many injuries.

Only very few golfers with a lot of talent and countless hours of coaching manage to get these phenomena under control through golf training. Through golf fitness with professional training aids, every golfer can improve their game in record time. In this workshop we work on the correct rotation of the upper body around the thoracic spine and on the coordination of the upper body and hips. Here we use the training devices ROTATIX and HMC-FLEX-STICKS and show the correct application. The workshop is suitable for golfers of all skill levels. Duration: 90 minutes; Participation fee 79 € / person

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GOSWO meets customers.

I'm traveling all over Germany and meet with customers and interested golfers. Here I answer questions about my training aids, give instructions on correct training and present all of our training aids.

You may find time to share information. Great conversations and connections are always made here. Feel free to bring friends or prospects with you. Please let me know so we can plan better absolutely your desired date.

You can reach me on 0160 – 78 00 951.

Maybe we can get an appointment together. I would be happy.

Participation in the event is free.