Golf Physio Training Saarland

Golf is a very popular sport in Saarland. Properly operated, it can be beneficial to health. But although golf seems so easy to a spectator, it is a challenging sport. Golf requires stamina and physical fitness. But the right coordination is also very important.

The swing and rotation movements required for golf can cause problems in the musculoskeletal system due to high spirits and excessive use of force. Incorrect movements can also cause intervertebral disc and meniscus problems or tendon irritation.

Golf physiotherapy is about these golfer-specific complaints. Tasks and goals of the golf physiotrainer are the care and treatment of golfers according to golf physiotherapeutic aspects. This is done taking into account the individual physical and anatomical possibilities of the golfer.

With specially developed treatment and training methods, it is possible to help even physically handicapped golfers. From a preventive and pathophysiological point of view, the golf physiotrainer helps to optimize the golf game or helps to play golf without complaints.

Golf-specific prevention - advice - treatment - rehabilitation

Here we work together with the golf physio trainer Sabine Müller from REHA FIT Schaumberg GmbH.

Of course, our training tools GOSWO, ROTATIX and HMC-Flex-Sticks are also used.

Golf-specific sports physiotherapy

  • Golf Specific Injuries
  • metatarsophalangeal joint
  • ankle
  • Golf with knee TEP
  • Golf with THA
  • lumbar spine
  • Golf after disc surgery
  • Golf with spinal fusion
  • Golf with scoliosis
  • cervical, thoracic spine
  • shoulder
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • metatarsophalangeal joint

Golf-specific athletic training in Saarland

  • Video analysis and motion analysis
Golf-specific exercises for injury prevention
  • Visual, detailed representation of golf-specific anatomy and biomechanics
3-D Golfpower exercise catalogue
  • Developed by the DOSB sports physiotherapy as a home exercise program

Individual golf training program – golf-specific improvement of your own physical fitness and resilience

We successfully took part in the Golf IronMan with our GOSWO team in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Golf IronMan means: 3 x 18 holes = 54 holes in one day on three different courses.

Golf-specific improvement of your own physical fitness and resilience - we know how it's done!

The right golf shoes also ensure physical fitness. Here are the best golf shoes in the world:

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