Recommended by the PGA of America: Training with a reference level

PGA Masterprofessional Charlie Sorrell demonstrates training the correct swing plane using a reference plane. Charlie Sorrell was one of the Top 100 Teachers in America.

Our references include top trainers from 10 nations

But what do you expect from a top golf coach?

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Many of our customers are self-employed entrepreneurs who laboriously “work their way out of day-to-day business” to find time for golf coaching lessons. As in one's own company, one expects maximum success to occur within a very short period of time. As just mentioned, not every golfer has the time and money to book an infinite number of golf lessons with the golf trainer. In addition, you have to take into account the free times of the golf trainer. The golf trainer has to give his student "homework" to do in his free time. And if this cannot be implemented on the course or on the driving range due to time constraints, the golf student expects a recommendation of useful training tools. A regular review of the learning progress by the golf instructor is essential. Regular review appointments at reasonable intervals are therefore absolutely necessary.

What distinguishes a top golf coach?

A top trainer is able to provide a golf student with a maximum of information within a very short time, with which the golfer can significantly improve his game. In order to realize this, the golf trainer needs excellent specialist knowledge, which he can convey to players with the most diverse character traits in a very short time and in an understandable way. Structured, goal- and result-oriented learning only works like in school with "homework", useful training tools and precisely defined training plans and training content. Without this approach, you learn very slowly and need many hours of coaching. And that is exactly the approach of many coaches who are not among the top golf coaches. These coaches want to sell coaching sessions and do not want the student to train at home and get better at home training.

Ask your trainer for useful training tools that you can use to train at home. Based on the answer, you decide which category it belongs to.